May top coaching tip - run towards or run away?

If I were to ask you want you wanted to achieve this year, what would you say?

Write it down and have a look at the language you are using.  Are you saying:

  • I want more of
  • I want to get to
  • I want to achieve
  • I want to be
  • I want to have

Or are you saying:

  • I want less of
  • I want to get away from
  • I want to avoid
  • I don't want to be
  • I want to get rid of

The first list's statements are called 'Towards' or 'Approach' goals that are about working towards something, something with greater well being or performance associated with it. 

The second list's statements are called 'Away from' or 'Avoidance goals' and are about moving away from an undesired outcome.

  • Which list most closely relates to how you described what you wanted to achieve this year? 
  • Does that feel right to you? 
  • Are the goals you have in place for yourself modeled on the same type of motivator? 

For example, if you have set a target 'to get in to 'those jeans' before your holiday' but you have actually identified that you might be more motivated by avoidance goals, perhaps your goal could be restructured in to something like 'I don't want to have to buy a size up in jeans for my holiday' and see how that works for you?