August top nutrition tip - I'm not hungry I'm habitual!

For so many of us, our relationship with food is psychological. On a basic level, the goal of eating should be to nourish our bodies for survival and ideally, to thrive. Yet how many of us knowingly consume things that are bad for us? Why?

Some argue addiction can drive this behaviour - there are studies that show sugar is more addictive than cocaine, but addiction aside, let’s hone in on the role of habit. Have you ever noticed how some habits are harder to break than others? 

The crux of breaking a habit is understanding your why - What makes you do what you do? What are the negative impacts of the habit?  What do you gain from the habit? What could be the positive outcome of changing it? 

Do you ever use food to:

  • Dull emotions
  • Reward yourself
  • Alleviate bored
  • Tackle stress  

If yes, it’s time to replace a negative habit, with a positive one!

Write out 30 things that bring you joy (other than food/drink), no matter how small or silly they may seem to you. 

Group them into things you could feasibly incorporate daily, weekly, quarterly and annually. 

Set yourself a mission to create more pleasure in your life by incorporating these things in, in a realistic frequency and start to phase out some of the negative food/drink habits that are not serving you.

This approach will not only get you closer to your goal, but you’re likely to experience wellness benefits in the process. 

Good luck!