Both Happiness Transformation and bright yellow coaching have been born out of the personal experience and benefits we have reaped from targeted nutrition and coaching respectively.  That means that we know this stuff works and want to share this gift with you so that you too can lead the life you are looking for.  But keep in mind, we are all a 'work in progress' and always will be - no 'be perfect' drivers here!

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Aoife Morrin of happiness transformation

my background

I have spent my career, to date, working in IT which has been great as it has enabled me to support myself, travel and develop my overall business understanding, but isn’t my passion. I am a self-professed health and fitness geek. My relationship with nutrition and fitness has definitely evolved a lot in the past 10 years. I first got into exercise when I realized I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and stay in shape, however now I fully embrace and appreciate the fundamental impact the right lifestyle can have on your overall wellbeing. 

My yoga practice first introduced me to mindfulness meditation, which has had such a positive impact on my mood and stress levels. My love for yoga lead me to India, where I qualified as a yoga instructor. I occasionally teach 1-2-1 yoga classes but largely use the experience to deepen my own personal practice. In addition to that, I have competed in boxing and am part of the Ricky Hatton boxing academy and recently got into Sprint Triathlons. I am also an avid cook and love creating delicious nutritious food.


7 years ago I had an appendectomy and subsequently my digestive function was not the same; I ended up with severe IBS. As someone who was into exercise and loved food, it was really tough to know what to eat to maintain energy levels and performance. I saw a gastroenterologist, numerous dieticians and nutritionists and no one could quite get to the bottom of what was happening. Ever since, I have been experimenting and educating myself on nutrition. Also, spending 4 years living in Sydney, where I experienced how positive being part of an outdoorsy, health conscious community can be to your overall lifestyle, further developed my passion for this space. I then studied Functional Nutrition, which is the concept of how you can make food work for you, to achieve optimal health.


I see a lot of press, heavily focused on diets and workouts to bulk up or look good in a bikini, but very little focusing on things like improved sleep, energy levels, gut health and concentration. In my opinion, these factors are far more likely to impact someone’s day-to-day quality of life and therefore should be the focal point. Having personally addressed a number of health issues through nutrition, I now feel compelled to share my experiences and help educate others. 

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tracy james of bright yellow coaching


I spent 15 years in IT and software development, leading large teams and driving strategic technical operations as an Associate Director of a large regional agency.  With strong change management, process consultancy, compliance and trouble shooting experience I have a smorgasbord of business and team development experience.

I left the rat race following my own journey through CBT therapy and later coaching, having experienced stress and anxiety which was holding back both myself and my family from true happiness.   During this process of regeneration I took a good look at my core values alongside the elements I loved about my job and boiled down to what really motivated me and made me happy - working with people to achieve their dreams and potential.

Alongside this journey of the mind, I also discovered how negatively affected I was by the food and lifestyle choices I was making through learning how to listen to my body and what it was telling me.  I took to educating myself about healthy, organic, nutrition and eating as close to nature as possible - an approach that I live by now...on an 80/20 basis of course!


I have a relaxed but challenging approach to coaching and am often referred to as bubbly and fun.  I am a very passionate person and this drives me to provide the very best for you and I will work hard to ensure you get the most out of our sessions.  I have no fixed methodology.  I am intuitive rather than process led and will pull from an eclectic mix of thought processes, techniques and tools depending on what is most useful to you and to create an environment that enables positive change and understanding.

The Human Givens Approach has influenced my own approach to coaching and my belief that the key to a happy, healthy and satisfying life is to understand what is most important to you and to pinpoint what you need in order to satisfy those priorities.  

I coach with an awareness of and focus on the systems you exist within and how they show up in your life and indeed our sessions.  I also hate labels so whether you identify as an 'Executive', a 'Leader', 'Mother' or 'Train Enthusiast' I coach in the same way and treat you as a whole person no matter what the context


I have a long history of working with a coaching approach with a counselling certificate and the highly acclaimed Barefoot Coaching qualification under my belt.  I am a member of the ICF and am currently studying towards my Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester.