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Brought to you by Happiness Transformation in collaboration with Tracy James of bright yellow coaching, the Reset and Reclaim Programme uses a combination of coaching, targeted nutrition and exercise to help you reset your body and reclaim your overall wellness. 

The programme uses coaching as a tool to give you insight into your values and beliefs, what truly makes you happy, and enables realistic goal setting.  We then create a hard stop and reset with a juice cleanse, to bring your awareness to your body and what it is telling you.  Our unique nutrition blueprint, designed to target the key areas required for health, beyond just the physical, then forms the foundation for the nutritional basis of the programme.  Consistency is key, so for the full duration of the programme, you will benefit from weekly support in the form of additional information, consultations and/or products .  Yoga and personal training sessions give you the tools you need to introduce a balanced exercise regime into your routine.  Recipes, cooking classes, online support groups, group insight events and eating out guides also provide further tools to aid you in the reclamation of your health.


targeted nutrition

Using our unique blueprint, the nutritional elements are the foundation to the entire programme, providing a holistic coverage of the mind and body.

Targeting nutritional changes in a way that bests supports your body is key resetting your physical and mental well-being/

Coaching sessions

From week one and over the course of the month programme you will have aqccess to 121 coaching sessions to help you goal set and action plan. 

Once you have realistic goals that compliment your values, building achievable action plans becomes simpler and the changes we make more sustainable.

personalised exercise

Exercise is introduced later in the programme and includes both Yoga and personal training.

We encourage you to adopt what you learn in these sessions and build them in to your routine outside of the programme.



The programme is available in one, three and six month packages, or in a 'pick and mix' menu format, crafted to help you harness the most support you can from the programme in order to achieve your wellness goals.  We will support you through every stage and have various options to access further support when required.  Individual elements of the programmes are also available for purchase outside of the programmes enabling you to tailor the service to suit your needs.

“I have completed 2 x 3 day detoxes with Happiness Transformation and I feel fab! They’ve completely reset me, I no longer crave sugar and I have more energy. I feel squeaky clean from the inside out, I’ve also seen an improvement in my skin!
— recent happiness transformation customer



The nutrition elements of the programme are designed to reset your body and raise your awareness to challenge how well it is functioning first and foremost.  The supplements, recipes and healthy snacks are constructed to support your body for the most effective function throughout the duration, where you should feel the benefits in terms of mood, energy, sleep and general wellbeing.  Everyone is unique and so, therefore, is nutrition, so there are no guarantees, but the programme will give you the basis for optimal health and help you in understanding what does and doesn't work for you. Commitment is key and how you adopt the changes into your lifestyle will play a large part in what, and how much, benefit you experience, which is why there has been a heavy focus on constructing the programme so that it enables positive habit building in a sustainable way.

The coaching programme is designed to provide hard working sessions of thinking and self discovery, with plenty of time in between each to explore and action.  As with any coaching provision, the agenda is yours and the real work is outside of the sessions - what you put in you get out.  Most clients experience significant shifts in their thinking and report making notable changes in their life that lead to achievement of their ambitions.   

While not the primary focus, the exercise programme is set up to give you a set of targeted exercises that work for you, that you can continue outside of the sessions.  Additional sessions available on request.

...by making me feel like I was in a safe comfortable environment and by always putting me in the driving seat of our sessions, I tackled most of my issues head on and have started 2018 with a positive outlook. I feel more confident to be in control of my own life now and I truly believe the sessions I’ve had with Tracy have had a huge impact in helping me to get to this point.
— recent bright yellow coaching client